Sunday, October 12, 2014

Turn pro now, Jameis Winston?

In a new column for Sports Illustrated, I argue that Jameis Winston should be seriously considering dropping out of Florida State University and turning his attention to the 2015 NFL draft. My argument is based on the forthcoming FSU disciplinary hearing, which Winston and his attorneys may regard as designed to reflect poorly on Winston. I interview Alan Milstein (who litigated on behalf of Maurice Clarett while he was at Ohio State) and Dan Wallach. Hope you have a chance to read it.

Here is an excerpt:
Winston has yet another important reason to drop out: He may later have an adversarial relationship with Florida State as a co-defendant. It is widely expected that Winston’s accuser will eventually sue Winston, Florida State and the Tallahassee Police Department. This litigation could place the three as co-defendants in the same lawsuit or as defendants in separate lawsuits. In either scenario, each would attempt to deflect fault away from itself and onto the other two. Should Winston testify in a disciplinary hearing, Florida State could later use those statements to pin the blame on Winston.
To read the rest, click here. For a video on 120 Sports on this SI column, check out this video.

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